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      A actually great submit by you my friend. We have bookmarked this page and will appear back following several days to examine for any new posts that you simply make.

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      uuuhhhhh….hmmm. sounds…..ummm…..what kind of roguelikes are you crazy kids coming up with these days?!?! >.> (This comment is so gonna get deleted. I am placing bets with myself as to how long it takes.)

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      No-one needs permission to wear what they want. Really – what's the worst that can happen? You can change your clothes if you change your mind. As to the example you gave of someone being 'told' what 'they' thought was suitable – sheesh – what kind of passive-aggressive feckwittage is that? I hope that lady turned around and spent the inheritance on something beautiful and vibrant to wear – or something she took pleasure from. Who would want to see someone literally fade away? Gah!!

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      Yup, I was surprised that it came out this way. What's not surprising is that the US was ready to vote in favor of the resolution had the Arabs given up some of their demands. Well I am glad they didn't and I am glad the US vetoed the draft.

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      So you finally found Mr. Right. The two of you have been dating for quite some time and you feel that there is no better time than now to make things official.

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