1. Isa Pi   •  

    ¡Buenísima esta ilustración! Da mucho miedo cuando mujeres esqueléticas te preguntan si se ven gordas… Algo similar ocurre cuando una empollona dice que le ha ido fatal un examen, tu la animas, y después saca matrícula y tu te quedas con su sufi!!!!

  2. Rock   •  

    This is both street smart and initgltlene.

  3. From the short time I’ve been reading your blog, I think you’ll be great at it! I was art major and quit art altogether almost 10 years ago. Finally went back to a painting class last night. I was very anxious about it, but it felt great to do something I am good at and enjoy and I’m definitely going back whenever I can. Hopefully it will start something because I’m pretty sure I wasn’t meant to do medical transcription forever. Good luck!!

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