1. Lore   •  

    Hi Cholc.Weisrme to the gang !He is a long way from Fife , but check out Patrick Costello at Daily Frail . comLots of free tuition from a superb teacher , and a really nice bloke.Hope that helps mate. Pete

  2. Tangela   •  

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good artceli.

  3. Jonetta   •  

    This is the pecrfet post for me to find at this time

  4. Roxanna   •  

    Thanks for spending time on the computer (wntgiri) so others don’t have to.

  5. Bertie   •  

    Taking the ovrwviee, this post is first class

  6. Patty   •  

    Inclleigente and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

  7. Livia   •  

    Please teach the rest of these internet hoaiglons how to write and research!

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