1. Retta   •  

    That’s the pefcert insight in a thread like this.

    • Sonny   •  

      OMG Gorgeous! Saw the pic of this in my blog roll and JUST HAD TO come and have a peak! This is so betiauful, you have put so much work into this! IT really is just delicious! Good luck on the challenge (though you should be a shoe in!) They would be be crazy not to pick this!

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      Yes, it is the Ennis Preacher series. And get this – they are actually USING the real story. Every episode on HBO will be drawn directly from the story of the appropriate issue. So, if all goes well, we won’t be subjected to some retard version, like they did with ‘Constantine’.

    • Artists included so far are:Tim Bushong Bridgeshadows True Liberty Blissed Einstein Savage Coriolis Marty Warren Grave Robber Harry Gore Confessions Of A Sinner Leper False Idol Fireborn Frost Like Ashes Cryomancer Desiring Dead Flesh The Altar Billies Make It So The Beautiful Mistake Look At The Fields Party Or Die! The Apprentice The Migraines Hilltops And Coffeeshops The Beckoning Batzz In The Belfry Dave Owens The Winter Failure The Ship Was Sinking Foreign DNAPlease send submissions to

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    >Pierre Henri« Quelle différence entre Aznar et Zapatero…à part des détails et des « postures »? »Une différence très très très petite: La POSTURE de Zapatero sur la guerre d´Irak, par exemple.

  5. SiÄ™ zagubiÅ‚am. Nie pierwszy raz. WiÄ™c jasno siÄ™ pytam: chcesz wÅ‚aÅ›ciwie w takÄ… kieckÄ™ siÄ™ wbić w realu jak najbardziej czy wrÄ™cz przeciwnie? A może fabrycznie nowy, biaÅ‚y jak trzeba t-shirt i biaÅ‚e spodnie wraz z biaÅ‚ymi tenisówkami do kompletu bÄ™dÄ… wygodniejsze? Po północy, w czasie wesela zmienisz tylko wygodny strój sportowy na wygodniejszy, bo mniej brudzÄ…cy siÄ™ kolor?Nie wiem tylko co z tÄ… firankÄ… i kwiatusiami sztucznymi we wÅ‚osach…hm…zamieÅ„ może na biaÅ‚Ä… bejsbolówkÄ™.

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    Wonder if they’ll smack you with a NDA? It seems pretty early and I think even the newest emulator build they put out is probably already pretty old’ish.

    • Denisha   •  

      Anon 10:14 adalah org UMNO yg sama menyibuk dlm blog ni. Dah takde modal nak kutuk penkamgbang. Tak lain cakap PAS pak turut… angguk saja dll.Kalau jenis org cerdik… cuba lah berhujah dengan ilmiah sikit. Ini menunjukkan pemimpin UMNO dan pengikut2nya memang xde yang cerdik / berilmu. Ilmu merompak duit rakyat, menipu, ilmu main perempuan, meletupkan orang adalah.

    • Millähän kielellä ne tunnetilojen nimet pitää kirjoittaa lappuihin, vai osaako vesi kaikkia kieliä? Ja onko vesi osannut esperantoa ennen kuin se keksittiin? Niin paljon kysymyksiä…Gmon

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