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      Impressive article post on the blog, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular country totally does not think like me and additionally the web publication master

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        I am crazy for her! Girl crush! She just is so elegant in such a contemporary way. And those ey811#e2s&;very much her Grandmum don’t you think?

    • I was raised in Boston 1940-63 and always bought the NY Times when available at subway kiosks as it gave news from round the world and being a democrat at the time did not realize I was being brainwashed. It was a good paper but now is a mouthpiece of the Marxist Democrat party which is not the party of FDR,Truman and JFK but a poor imitation of Pravda. The Times is it’s death throes and may last a while longer but the handwriting on the wall states, “Your time has come and gone”.

    •   August 24, 2012Funny story. I love FWAW because, having grown up in the country, I know how tough farming life can be, and how it – farming and a relationship with a farmer, really is a labour of love. My hat goes off to you both.

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