1. Anónimo   •  

    No lo entiendo, alguien me lo explica? jajaj gracias

  2. Alberto   •  

    Vais las dos juntas ? en plan gemelas gemelas ? Pensare que si :D

    • Bettie   •  

      | Ugh, does the name Nixon ring a bell?Really, think about that remedial US history class.Maybe this is why Bush was NEVER held acousntable;Ccngreosional investigationsSix years, $60 million for Lewinskygate, Travelgate, and Whitewater3 months, $14 million for the deadliest attack on U.S. soil in history, 9-11(with stonewalling and cover-ups to boot)140 hours of sworn testimony to get to the bottom of whether Clinton had misused the White House Christmas-card list for political purposes12 hours on prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.

    • http://www./   •  

      It occurs to me that I have an EMT story that would, by comparison, render you unconscious. Suffice it to say that sometimes one of the things that goes out the window in mild dementia is awareness of your own pain threshold, but not so much the inclination to DIY medical devices best left in the hands of professionals. Related: I’ve been flashed by far more people over the age of 75 than any one person should.

    • Omg, I cannot believe the rule about balsamic! It totally makes sense, and I can see myself skipping it from now on only to miss the flavor of the balsamic….I’m crazy like that. I never went to Home Goods in Tucson, and now my local Home Goods is in a creepy basement. A very large, very creepy basement :-/ At least I don’t have room for the cute decorations in my apartment right now, but I hate it when I miss out on things! Bah!

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